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陕西卓越国际有限公司 地址 :中国陕西省宝鸡高新路38号721000 电话 :+86 917 3433818 传真: +86 917 3433818 skype :bjanna981106 电子邮件 : 应用程序:0086-13891700711
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shaanxi joyelectric international co., ltd. specialize wey ghaH Ha' international malja', rewbe'mey'e' yuvtlhe' electric pat HoS, 'ej supplying products 'ej HoS transmission distribution 'ej yotlh chavmoH. Sam wey pa' no.38, gaoxin road, baoji, shaanxi, jungwoq.

cha' laSvargh wIghaj: vcb lIng wa' Hoch DuraS mechanism, insulation 'ay', etc Qap embedded vaj Hoch 'elbogh 'ay' vcb, such as vacuum interrupter,.; switchgear, rmu law' law' box Segh transformer lIng latlh laSvargh.

Hoch wIta'pu' customers profitable nen maq pong integrate comprehensive ideal taS offering devoting maH. muHIvtaHbogh mIp SIQpu'bogh qaStaHvIS pat electric HoS je, customize chab, chut lulajpu'bogh, product chavmoH manufacture 'ej pov offering capable. nI'taHvIS strategic cooperation je customers vo' europe chan, botlh chan, south america, southeast asia 'ej latlh mIchHom cher joyelectric.

dedicated joyelectric 'e' reputable 'ej specialize international 'entepray' bopummeH career concept: reH yuQ position, nI'taHvIS relationship faithworthy chenmoH Qap-development Qap.

Qo'noS development together with joyelectric!

joyful yIn chenmoH 'ul

joyelectric guarantee reliability Qochbe'ghach je

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