10 ghap 12 ghap 24kv epoxy resin vegh tlhoy' bushing

陕西卓越国际有限公司 | Updated: Sep 23, 2016

ngaQHa'moHwI'mey Specifications ghap le' Features:

  • jen voltage epoxy resin tlhoy' je'-vegh bushing, whichisbushing contact 12kv series insulation tlhoy', rewbe'mey'e' lo' qech insulation switchgear

  • technological mIw:

    • epoxy resin joH rop automatic gel craft apg craft manufacture 'e' adopts

    • product 'IH, HablI', electrical yIqaw, ghoghmey

    • jen toughness epoxy resin manufacture, adopts 'eS reaction activity nuqDaq jIHaw' pat adopts HablI' capability excellentand, product lom stress solidifies slow, Hap 'u' 'eS

    • products HablI' capability enhances 'aqroS yotlh

    • silica chu' chel 'och tIq loQ, qaStaHvIS enhance epoxy resins HablI' capability, nI'taHvIS pol insulate ensures qechmey yIqaw bopummeH yIQ Qap environment insulate QaQ electric

    • not reduce organic color, product color 'ej wovtaHbogh wov, chel yIqaw insulate products

primary Competitive 'utmo' Dujvam:

  • chavmoH

  • mach tlham, laj

  • brand-pong 'ay'

  • SIQpu'bogh naQ

  • certificate mung

  • packaging

  • 'ay'

  • product yIqaw

  • prompt Delivery

  • laHlIj Assurance

  • Installment ngeD yo'SeH je

  • jenwI' qechmeyDaj Huj Isolation

  • oem lupoQ

contact De'

shaanxi joyelectric international co., Ltd.

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tel: +86 917 3433818

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