24kv indoor vacuum circuit breaker, jen voltage medium voltage tI' pagh Segh drawer nech pagh

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ngaQHa'moHwI'mey Specifications ghap le' Features:

1: arc-extinguish vaQ
2: qaStaHvIS electrical lifetime
3: leH-tlhab
4: yo'SeH QaD 'ej reliable

1: Segh pagh drawer Segh pagh nech Segh tI'
2: chuq phase: 150 ghap 210 ghap 275 mm
item unit Data
rate voltage kv 24
rated Qu'mey potlh MACH 630,1000,1250,1600
yopwaH bID circuit ghor Qu'mey potlh rated ka 20
yopwaH bID circuit chenmoH Qu'mey potlh rated ka 50
Qu'mey potlh withstand rate yopwaH bID poH ka 20
rated duration poH short-circuit s 4
Qap Segh tI' pagh drawer
phase chuq mm 275
Qap sequence rated QU'VATLH-0.3S-CO-180S-CO
mechanical lifetime poH 20000
yo'SeH rate voltage LUT VAGH 220V DC AC

primary Competitive 'utmo' Dujvam:

  • va Link

  • SIQpu'bogh naQ

  • guarantee ghap Warranty

  • packaging

  • 'ay'

  • product yIqaw

  • prompt Delivery

  • laHlIj Approvals

  • chavmoH

  • mach tlham, laj

  • brand-pong 'ay'

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