630a sf6 Qeb 'elbogh Unit

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basic De'

Segh:sf6 Qeb 'elbogh unit

tlham: Compact QI'yaH-Extensible

voltage: 12kv ghap 24kv

Qu'mey potlh: 630a

trademark: joyelectric

specification: iec

mung: jungwoq

hs ngoq: 8547909000

oem lupoQ

package: plywood cases

product De'

i. application 'ej Qap.

sf6 Qeb 'elbogh unit 12 ghap 24 kv secondary distribution network. compact unit Hoch mv functional units connection, supply 'ej protection wa' pagh cha' transformers mInDu'lIj Qeb radial network pagh enable QamchoHmo' jIblIj Hoch tlhegh.. ghaH Qo'noS switchgear je lang leQ, 'angbogh Da pIch network vuS.

ghu'vam. tlham

laH integrated Hoch mv Qap units, such as boch chemvaH Ho'Du'-disconnector, Circuit-breaker, Fuse-boch chemvaH Ho'Du' combination, lupwI' Sectionalize, cable connection 'ej mv Metering bobcho', flexibly je customer request. 1 6 integrate functional units 'emvo' rap baS enclosure comprises sf6 switchgear.

'AY' WEJ. 'utmo' Dujvam qImbogh

1. personal vanglu'Qo'DI' ensures

2. insensitive environment

3. naD laHlIj

4. economical

5. leH tlhab

6. rigorous, systematic checks

contact De'

shaanxi joyelectric international co., Ltd.

mIw'e' vagh: no.38 gaoxin road, baoji, shaanxi, jungwoq 721000,

tel: +86 917 3433818

nav: +86 917 3433818


skype: bjanna981106

QQ: 2223132703

website: www.joyelectric-china.com (m.joyeletric-china.com mobile)

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