Dev lunaDHa'

Dev lunaDHa'

qul naQmey kyn28a-12(gzs1) switchgear

Product Details

joyelectric international targhHom veDDaq noch jungwoq Dev lunaDHa' distributor 'ej wa' nuv vIngIl known yI'el vIq 'ej suppliers, manufacturers tlham Dev lunaDHa' products laSvargh 'ej wey Duy.

5xs.260.010/5xs.260.011 (motlh) lunaDHa' outline installation 'ej dimensions Dev

Dev lunaDHa' 5xs.260.010/011.3 (nI' Segh: lengthen200 je 3ah, QInvam zn12, zn28, zn65 etc withdrawable Segh vcb refit, equipped)

rail5xs.260.010/011.10 Dev (nI' Segh: lengthen153 vb2 equipped).

equip tera' clamp DevwI' lunaDHa' (copper DevwI' lunaDHa')

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