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Hach 'ej Manufacturing 24kv Qap Mechanism qI' Agreement chu'

陕西卓越国际有限公司 | Updated: Aug 29, 2016

muHIvtaHbogh mIp SIQpu'bogh 'ej newly agreement je overseas clients chut lulajpu'bogh 'ej le' 24kv Qap mechanism vacuum circuit breaker manufacturing wa' qI' wey yIvoqQo' vo' clients. siemens vacuum interrupter (vacuum bal), vaj Qap mechanism pup characteristics such as jen yach contact, jen poSDI' 'ej speed, etc chaq nIS lo' vcb.

qaSpu'DI' designers chong evaluation, confident reliable Qap mechanism je vacuum circuit breaker qul naQmey chut lulajpu'bogh. DeSDu' wa'DIch mIw, cha' ratings chaHvaD tlha' Hach maH:

rated voltage: 24kv

rated Qu'mey potlh: 1250a 'ej 2500a

yopwaH bID circuit breaking Qu'mey potlh: 25ka rated ghap 31.5ka

rIn sample chu' 'emvo' 40 jaj. successfully rIn samples chu' 'ej client production cost toD toH pIH maH. ghotvam'e' je ngoQ malja': cost je' client reduce 'e' nID pong reliable laHlIj products supplying competitive 'ay', waw' nI'taHvIS cooperation ghaH!

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